Get to know the details of all our porcelain tiles.

Castel deli Monte Lux P70705
20x120cm | LC | V4
Castel deli Monte 70700
20x120cm | LD | V4
LAUNCH Castel Duino Bone Lux
Castel Duino Bone Lux P70117
61x61cm | LC | V2
Castello di Petroia Brown 70712
20x120cm | LD | V2
Castello di Petroia 70711
20x120cm | LD | V2
LAUNCH Fontanellato Lux
Fontanellato Lux P70114
61x61cm | LC | V2
LAUNCH Nagoya Lux
Nagoya Lux P70115
61x61cm | LC | V2
Nagoya 70230
62x62cm | LD | V2
LAUNCH Oxford Gray Lux Plus
Oxford Gray Lux Plus P70416
82x82cm | LC | V3
LAUNCH Oxford Ivory Lux Plus
Oxford Ivory Lux Plus P70415
82x82cm | LC | V3
Palazzo Madama Luz P70601
62x120cm | LC | V2
Sant' Andre Gran Lux P70406
82x82cm | LC | V2