Castel deli Monte - 70700

Tipology: Mate
Format: 20x120cm
Line: Woods
Places of use: LD
Floor or Wall: Wall, Floor
Variation of tonality and design: V4
Number of faces 22
Brand: Castelli
Environment: Commercial Areas, Outdoors, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Covered Porches, Living room, Balconies

Technical specifications

Thickness: 9,8mm
Boxes/Pallet: 45
Weight/Box: 30kg
Weight of Pallet: 1350kg
m²/Box: 1,49m²
Minimum Joint: 2mm
Rectified: Yes
Pieces/Box: 30kg
Understand Acronyms
Variações de tonalidade e desenho TRAFFIC OF PEOPLE (PLACE OF USAGE)



Internal wall covering, not suitable for use on floors.


Low Traffic

Indicated for light traffic of people. Internal use in private areas of residences and condominiums, without access to external areas. Not suitable for kitchens, corridors, and garages. Not suitable for kitchens, corridors and garages.


Medium Traffic

Residential areas (except garages) and places with medium traffic of people, without traffic of machinery, and without access to external areas. Common areas of condominiums, offices, hotel corridors, etc.


High Traffic

Residential and commercial areas with intense traffic of people and occasional traffic of light equipment. Hotel halls, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.


Very High Traffic

All residential, commercial areas, both and external environments, with high traffic. Public squares, subways stations, airports, supermarkets, shopping center corridors, etc.

ATTENTION: An LC Use Location environment, for example, may always receive a product of the higher classes, such as LD/LE - but never a lower class product like LA/LB.

Variações de tonalidade e desenho Drawing and Tonal Variations

V1: Uniform


Uniform appearance. Minimal color variation between the tiles.

V2: Small Variation


Minimal variation between pieces, although clearly noticeable within the pattern of color and design.

V3: Moderate variation


Both color intensity and design of the tiles can vary significantly. The dominant color is present, even if discreetly, on all tiles.

V4: Great Variation


The tiles present a great, random color variation, possibly being completely different from one another.